Who We Are

Kalee Bourbon Bey &
Ruffienne GFA

Greyfriar Arabians is primarily a breeding farm, located in New York an hour north of Syracuse, and an hour south of the beautiful Thousand Islands resort area. We are blessed with temperate summers, clear clean springs, crackling crisp autumns and icy white winters. Our twenty-two acres are graced with the sons and daughters of Monogramm, Concensus, AA Apollo Bey, The Chief Justice, *Enoss, Barbary, Safire+\ and First Cyte. Our mares trace their heritage back to the great mares Mammona, Opalesque, Sey Cherie, Rio Rita, Carinosa and our foundation mare, the elegant Aristocrat FR Wispering Wind, honored by the AHT in her lifetime as one of the 16 living leading producers of champions.


Our Philosophy

The horse is first of all, a horse – a prey animal whose instinct is flight, not fight. He is a social animal, a wanderer. Thousands of years of natural selection have combined to make him so. We believe these powerful instincts must be respected, and so we strive to keep our horses in as natural an environment as possible. Our horses are turned out daily in small groups. They roam in large pastures with free access to forage and water. Their bones grow strong with free exercise, and they learn their place in the social scheme. We bring them in at night, and handle them daily, so that they learn that human contact is ordinary and pleasant; and while humans must be respected, they need not be feared. We imprint our foals from birth; we train them gradually and gently. We allow them to develop psychologically and physically at their own rates. We establish a basic bond of trust, and from there, we build. The result is sound, sane and stable horses.

Our Breeding Program

Malika Rose GFA

The goal of our breeding program is to produce beautiful, willing, trainable athletes. To that end, we have carefully selected mares who showed us those qualities, and who we believed would pass them one. We tested our mares in the show ring, for we believe that the proof is in the doing, and bred them to the finest sires we could find.

We chose our sires on the quality of their progeny, their pedigrees and their phenotype. We chose stallions on an individual basis – selecting individuals who we believed would bring out the best each of our mares had to offer, and who complemented them in other areas. Our emphasis thus far has been on Polish bloodlines, and English type motion, because this is where our mares are strong. WE do not specialize in any one bloodline, or type of horse.

Paladin GFA

We believe in balance – we will not sacrifice disposition for a pretty face, or structural soundness for snort and blow. Our goal for our horses is that they live, long, productive and happy lives. And to do that, they must be strong and sound in mind and body. We are a small farm – since 1991, Greyfriar has concentrated on producing one or two horse foal crops.

Greyfriar horses, and the produce of Greyfriar mares have won since then, a total of 2 US National, 8 NHS Finals, and 79 Regional awards in such varied disciplines as Halter, English Pleasure, Park, Country English Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Show Hack, Western Pleasure, Dressage and Reining. We are very proud of our horses’ achievements in so many very competitive areas, but prouder still of their longevity in the show ring – the soundness of mind and body that allows them to continue to excel over a long period of time.